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Fresh Broad (Fava)Beans with Olive Oil and Dill Recipe

If you are looking for different vegan and vegetarian recipe with protein and nutritions you will love this recipe. This is one of the cold olive oil dishes we eat in summer. Don't forget, olive oil dishes tastes better next day, so it is a perfect dish to make ahead. Broad or fava beans is one of the vegetables we enjoy a lot especially in summer. If you have never seen broad beans before, it looks like below, like green beans. But we cook this versatile vegetable in different ways. We either use it all like green beans or we remove the outer shell and use it inside beans only.

When we use the seeds inside beans, we might even peel the outer shell of the seed depending on the meal we will be cooking like fava puree. Below you can see the photo of different phases of broad beans.

In this recipe we will be using the whole broad beans but we need to trim the ends of it with a knife. You can see trimmed version of the broad bean on the photo above. Second one is the trimmed broad beans.

This recipe is super simple. All you need to do is to trim ends of the broad beans and keep trimmed ones in lemon water while you keep trimming others. Then add it to the pot and add other ingredients on top of it. As you can see we are not sautéing onions and garlics first, they will be at the top of the broad beans and will add more flavor this way.

And we add dill at the top of the pot as dill complements taste of broad beans.

Olive Oil Broad Bean Recipe Ingredients

1 kg. (2 pounds) fresh whole broad beans

2 cloves of garlic (crushed)

2 yellow onions (diced)

1/4 cup olive oil

1 sour green apple (optional), cut in 4 halves

juice of 1/2 lemon

1 tsp sugar

1 tsp salt

1/2 bunch dill (to garnish)

To serve

Greek yoghurt for non-vegans

Extra virgin olive oil

How to Make Olive Oil Broad Bean Recipe?

6 persons


COOKING TIME 30 minutes

Add broad beans to a large mixing bowl and add large amount of water. Keep it here 30 min-1 hour, that way it is going to release some of the earth dirt naturally. Then wash it again one by one and start to trim the ends of the broad beans. If ends are thin you can snap it with your fingers, in some cases you might need small knife. You see the ends of broad beans is not edible. Keep trimmed beans in water with lemon so that they do not get dark. If your broad beans are too long, you can even cut it in half. If their length is not same, again you can cut longer ones into small ones.

If you have use large dutch oven. Add all your broad beans in your pot. This is going to be first layer.

Add sugar and salt on top of the broad beans.Add dill bunch in the middle of the pot. Add dill strung by a rope as you can see in the photo. Add green apple if you are using along with garlic and onions around dill. And add olive oil last. Cook it on low heat around 25-30 minutes. Make sure beans are cooked before stop cooking. Discard dill and apple pieces.

This meal flavors itself more after cooking. We usually make it a day ahead. We also don't eat this dish warm. We usually keep it in the refrigerator. Eat it cold or at room temperature.

Serving Suggestion for the Broad Bean Recipe with Olive Oil

Before eating drizzle good extra virgin olive oil and add extra dill. We also serve it with yoghurt. Mix Greek yoghurt with crushed garlic, add salt and dill. If you love yoghurt, you will love this combination.

We eat it as meze, side dish or main dish depending on the meal.

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