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Hi This is Sibel, I am from Istanbul, Turkey. Food was always my favorite thing and I always had a huge appetite. But luckily my food appetite was always towards real and whole food. When I was a child I could not get enough of spinach for instance. I would also love burgers  but I have always liked fresh vegetables and fruits more than anything. I have also never been interested in pre packaged store food and candies, and I still can't eat them.  When I moved to US I could not believe how people ate. I appreciated our food culture in Turkey where we ate everything in a healthier way.  Of course when I said everything this never included soda, or pre-packaged food. That was not food for us.  But living in US also made me to get to know different ingredients and cuisines. Then I started to travel and where I increased my food repertoire.  Here I am sharing all the good and healthy food I like from all around the world. Mainly Turkish food along with Middle Eastern and Mediterranean recipes. I call it Turkish food but this food is very influenced and can also be called  Greek, Kurdish, Arap, Armenian, middle eastern, Jewish etc.. At the end we have all lived together and affected each other 

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Sibel Akcekaya

Marketing technology, analytics consultant and Taste-maker

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