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Simple Turkish White Bean Salad, Piyaz

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

This white bean salad which is called PIYAZ is so simple to make but it is very delicious and healthy. It is a great compliment to Turkish meatballs. We eat this version at home and restaurants.

You can make this dish with already cooked can white beans if you want a quick salad, but if you can cook beans yourself , the result will be better.

You can also add sumac spice to this salad if you can find it. But salad is delicious without the sumac too.

If you can't find grape vinegar, you can always use any white vinegar you have but you need to try once with grape vinegar.


300 gr. dry white beans (soaked overnight)

1 big red onion (slices long and thin)

Half bunch fresh parsley

1 tomato, chopped

5 tbsp extra virgin olive oil

1/2 tsp sea salt

1/2 cup grape vinegar

Simple Turkish White Bean Salad, Piyaz Instructions

Soak white beans overnight or at least 8 hours until beans are inflated for easy cooking. Drain and wash and drain beans again.

Add beans to the big boiling pot and add water to cover all beans. You want to cook beans on lower heat to make sure you do not remove/ hurt shells of the white bean. Add salt to the water. When you mix the salad check the taste of beans before you add the salt. Because salt in the water will season beans.

After beans are cooked, drain the water and wait until it gets cold to the room temperature.

When you are ready to mix all the ingredients rub sliced onions with salt and wash it.

Mix onions with cooked beans, and add rest of the ingredients.

Eat it with green salad or with meatballs

Bon appetite

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